5 Tips to Remember When Staging Your Home!

Ready to sell your home? Are you in the process of doing so?

Before public showings, professional photographs, and open houses, we need to take steps to ensure your home looks its absolute BEST! When touring or viewing houses, buyers are searching for somewhere they can envision themselves! To help with that, you need to remember these 6 core tips!

1. Clean! Clean! Clean!!!
– Make sure your surface areas and floors are spotless! You don’t want any stains or spills to deter a potential buyer! And those spots should not take away from your home’s beauty!

2. Declutter
– When there is too much clutter, it tends to give the illusion that the home has less space than it might have. This might help you clear out some clutter that you have been meaning to get rid of!

3. Depersonalize
– Put away any personal items, so they do not distract from the home’s features! Buyers don’t want to see someone else’s belongings in the space they are trying to envision as their own!

4. Define Rooms
– Make sure each room in your home has a defined purpose! Clear out the clutter in your finished basement, making it a fun entertainment room!

5. Set up Great Lighting
– Turn on all the lights and open all the blinds/shades to let in the beautiful natural lighting for showings, photos, etc., which will help buyers see your home’s true potential!

I found these helpful tips in this Investopedia Article! Although there are many more tips and tricks you can utilize prior to showings, photos, and open houses, here are 5 to start you off with! Happy cleaning!

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