6 New Decorating Trends for 2019!

Hello 2019! In the new year, many homemakers will look to refresh their favorite spaces. Here are six revealing ideas to keep in mind.

1. Move over Rosegold ….Gold is back!
In tandem with its cousin gold, brass is now beginning to overtake chrome and brushed nickel as the preferred metal of choice. Use it on your faucets, frames, and fixtures.

2. Granite has always been the preferred in a kitchen. However, many new builds and kitchen renovations are now installing quartz. Quartz is almost indestructible under normal kitchen prep conditions. Since granite is porous, it has the potential to trap bacteria if not cared for correctly. Removing that concern is a welcome relief in arguably the busiest room in the house.

3. Designers suggest homeowners look beyond their walls for inspiration and motivation. If you want your walls to make a statement, decorators suggest the use of wallpaper or hand-painted murals.

4. Wallpaper is making a comeback. Yes, I said it! To add a little flair to a room, wallpaper adds personality to any area. Whatever your decorating style, there is a gorgeous wallcovering to match it.

5. Adding greenery. Greens give off oxygen and add a great pop of color. Replace some artwork and add a few easy- to- maintain plants on shelves or walls.

6. Sticking to inexpensive upgrades that can make a huge difference in your home.

Whether you are updating or remodeling for yourself or considering getting your home ready to sell, feel free to contact me, I can work with you to see what STRATEGY is best for you.
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