A Cool Reason To Sell Your Home TODAY!

When we think of Michigan’s winter, some think of skiing, skating, sledding, but not necessarily selling your home or purchasing a new home.

It’s actually a great time to list your property. You may want to think differently about selling your home while there is still snow on the ground. And here’s why…

Inventory is still low and buyer’s are out there, looking for their first, forever or vacation home. After all, spring is traditionally the busiest time of the home buying season. While it is true that more homes are sold during the spring months than any other time of the year, the underlying reason may be that there are more homes available for sale during that time of the year. It may actually pay to list in the winter when buyers tend to have more urgency. Homes sell just as quickly now than those posted in spring.

Also, remember that real estate is not a one-day transaction. Some of those homes recorded as sold in April/May were toured, and deal terms negotiated, during the winter months but the actual closing date slipped into spring.

Many buyers want to beat the crowds and enter the home buying market early and check out the best properties before spring hits.

In fact, in just this past week, (you know, the week of the Polar Vortex) I was able to sell four homes! I often tell buyers the right time to get your home is during a snow storm. When we get bad weather like this, grab you boots, coats, and gloves, and let’s go get you a home while all of your competing buyers are bundled up in front of a fireplace!

Should you put your home on the market now? Unless you need to sell (say, you’ve purchased your next home or are relocating for a job), “timing always depends on supply and demand,”

That’s why hiring us as your local professional REALTOR is so important. We have the knowledge and expertise in your specific neighborhood to turn a casual home looker into a serious home buyer – no matter what time of the year. So, while late winter may not be labeled as the optimum time when compared to spring, it is not necessarily a bad time to sell!

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