Common Mistakes Buyers Make!

Buying a house can be confusing and stressful! Here are 3 of the most common mistakes buyers make!

1. Sleeping on the decision! 🛏️
– If you like the home, call your agent, talk to them about it immediately, and get your offer in before someone else beats you to it!

2. Be sure to get your pre-approval in order!
– If you wait until you find the right home and then go to get pre-approved, you won’t have enough time! And like I said for #1, you’ll miss out! Someone’s going to beat you to it.

3. Don’t go it alone!
– Call your realtor, talk to them, and ensure you keep them informed on what your wants and needs are. We can’t read your mind 😉 We want to know what you’re thinking because we’re here to help!

Do YOU want to BUY or SELL and need guidance/help? Give me a CALL today, and we’ll get you started!

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