Easy ways to reduce your heating bill πŸ”₯

Easy ways to reduce your heating bill πŸ”₯

Even though spring is almost here, I still want to give you some ways to reduce your heating bill.

– Use a humidifier

Moist air always feels way warmer than dry air. Use a humidifier to fix this issue. It also will prevent static electricity in your home ⚑⚑

– Plug drafty spots

This is sometimes the biggest cause of a high heat bill. Walk around your home and make sure you are feeling for any drafty outside doors or windows. You can buy inexpensive draft blockers on amazon

– If you have a fireplace don’t forget to close the damper
Fireplaces are also a big area of heat loss. Make sure when your fireplace isn’t being used that you close the damper. If it is open then cold air can come in and hot air you are trying to keep IN will release.

– Draw the blinds at night.
This is a strange reason for a loss of heat but trust me… it will help. When it is sunny open those blinds to let in all the hot head from the sun, but at night make sure you close them to seal in all the heat currently in your home.

I hope these Easy ways to reduce your heating bill πŸ”₯ have helped!

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