Ep 15 of Tuesday Fireside Chats!

Andddd… We are back! I am checking back in to tell you all about our guest from a few weeks ago: Deb Silver from The Silver Shamrocks, which is a catering business that allows you to order tasty food online for yourself, your family, or a large party!

Deb is the owner of two businesses in the surrounding Rochester area. With the help of her staff, she creates innovative recipes for the community to enjoy! Make sure you check out her website linked below to check out the numerous events they host including wine tastings and delicious brunches! They also sell fun cooking retail items that would be perfect gifts for a host you know!

Deb chatted with me about how she started in the culinary business, who inspires her, and the importance of supporting other female chefs! She has a series on her website where she chooses a new female chef each month to learn from and promote.

Her business ‘Side Dish’ is located at: 118 E. 4th, Rochester, MI

Her business ‘The Sham Shack’ is located at: 4505 Collins, Rochester, MI

To check out The Silver Shamrocks, go to her website: thesilvershamrocks.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/thesilvershamrocks/

Facebook: Facebook.com/thesilvershamrocks/

Thank you again Deb for the great conversation and the lovely gifts!

Click here to watch the full interview!

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