Episode 13 of Tuesday Fireside Chats!

Here in Caron’s Corner, we have been extra busy chatting with some local businesses in Rochester! This winter season, we brought back our segment, “Fireside Chats,” where we invite lifestyle, food, and other goods/service companies to sit down with us and learn more about them! There is something so special about chatting with these local business owners who truly know how amazing our city and the people in it are.

Thus far, we have brought in three different businesses and sat by the television fire for a recorded, candid conversation where we ask how they got started, what advice they may have for others, any fun or inspiring stories, and what ‘community’ means to them. It is important to us that we shine a spotlight on these businesses and learn about the people behind the scenes.

For the first video, Episode 13, we brought in Jenny Brown from Everybody by Dutton Farm and Shelly Propson Tyshka from Paint a Miracle. These individuals are inspiring and do something special each day.

Jenny is the CEO and founder of ‘Everybody’ by Dutton Farm, a shop in Rochester, MI, operated by adults with disabilities! They manufacture candles, body butter, bath bombs, body wash, soap, and hand sanitizer! Dutton Farm believes in and encourages workplaces that embrace diversity and “strength in inclusion”!

Located: 64 N Saginaw St, Pontiac, MI 48342

Read more about Everybody at: everybodyinc.com

Paint a Miracle is a lovely nonprofit art studio in Rochester, MI and Shelly is the Executive Director! They provide individuals with disabilities with an artistic outlet, and even highlight their beautiful art on their website! You can take classes, gain feedback, and shop their artwork! Paint a Miracle strives to bring “the joy of art to people of all ages and abilities”!

Located: 400 Water St, Rochester, MI 48307

Read more about Paint a Miracle at: paintamiracle.org

You can watch this video here: https://youtu.be/x4xkBO6Y4Xc

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