Episode 14 of Tuesday Fireside Chats!

Welcome back to another week in Caron’s Corner! Just like last week’s blog, I would like to take the time to shine light on another local Rochester business!

Our Fireside Chats have been so much fun this season! A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of having Reighvyn Carey, from Careyd A Reigh, in our Real Estate One Rochester location. Reighvyn is an independent business owner who creates homemade food, desserts, home, and other products! She does the baking, the marketing, the deliveries, and the social media all on her OWN! She is an inspiring and hardworking individual who strives for her clients to get “carried away” with her products.

On this episode, we discussed her favorite treats to make, the events she has coming up, and how she got started!

Reighvyn is based in Rochester Hills and will make all the custom orders of your dreams!
Read more at: acareydmarket.com

A huge thank you to Reighvyn for joining us and sharing part of her life with us!

Click here to watch the full interview!

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