Have you winterized your sprinklers?

Baby, it’s getting cold out there! The weather will be dropping to the 30’s by the end of the week. Have you winterized your sprinklers?

If not, you may have to have a “blow out” now or risk the chance of your sprinkler pipes and other components freezing and breaking when temperatures drop below 32 degrees. Immediate damage can occur to exposed pipes and sprinkler equipment with the first freeze of winter.

Even if you have drained the water out of your irrigation system, some water remains and can freeze, expand, and crack PVC piping. Polyethylene pipe (flexible, black pipe) is used in many freezing climates. Although polyethylene pipe is more flexible and can expand under pressure, water left inside can freeze and rupture the pipe walls. Freezing water in the backflow assembly will damage the internal components and can crack the brass body.

It usually costs $50 to $100 to have your sprinkler system blown out for the winter.
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