How To Make Your Home Look Smart.

With spring in the air, it is the time for new listings. In a competitive home selling market, how do you make your home stand out from the rest?

Home buyers start researching and touring many homes – that it is hard to differ which one was which.

Technology is hot, and incorporating it in your home is a great way to stand out and increase the perceived value of your home.

Start with upgrading right at the front door before the buyers even enter by adding a smart lock. Its a deadbolt door lock that has a sensor beneath the lock cylinder. You can program the lock to read your fingertip or code or a conventional key to unlock the door. It is easy to install, program and uses AA batteries.

Smart Door Bell– Simple and fairly inexpensive- having the security of seeing who is on the other side of your door without getting up or even when you are at work. The Motion and ring alerts to a smartphone are typically fast, audio and 1080p video are clear, and the Ring 2 can be powered by either standard doorbell wiring or a removable rechargeable battery.

Controlled Heating– Smart thermostats connect to the internet via Wi-Fi so they can be controlled with a smartphone or virtual assistant. They are beneficial because they can determine when to shut the heat or air-conditioning to save energy. Setting up a smart thermostat with a virtual assistant gives you the extra perk of being able to control the temperature remotely just by speaking a voice command.

Not sure on which item you should get? For more information, check out… “smart home features”

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