How to organize your closet on a budget!

1. Pull out everything in your closet- including- accessories, shoes, purses, etc.

2. Go through each item and ask yourself “have I worn this in the last 6 months” If not, then start a sell pile for the items that aren’t worn completely out and a donation pile for the rest. You can use this link to find your local Salvation Army, who will gladly take the items you would like to donate off your hands. Find a Salvation Army

3. If you are working on a closet that is smaller in space make sure after you create your sell and donation piles, you are organizing your clothing into seasons. This helps eliminate clutter and produce more space when looking for your clothing when you need to find and put together something fast.

4. Then to keep everything looking clean and organized, purchase a couple of packs of same color hangers. These Target ones are an easy $2! Target Hangers

5. If you are super organized and in the mood to be a little OCD, the next step is to color-code your clothing ROYGBIV style!

6. To organize your shoes, the best option is to invest in clear bins. This makes it easy to stack your shoes and also see what is inside so you don’t have to create a large pile of shoes you WEREN’T looking for. The Container Store is a great place to get the perfect stackable shoe containers. Clear Plastic Shoe Container

7. Now that you have successfully organized your clothing and shoes it’s now time to hit the accessories. If you have handbags and want to hang them so you can interchange them often, the best option is smaller hanger hooks to place alongside your clothing. You can also use these hooks for belts and scarves as well. Accessory Hooks

8. IF you have leftover hats, clothing you only wear when you get an awesome theme night out and want to keep those items just in case next year the same party rolls around, its best to create smaller bins for these items. These bins you can stack on any shelving you have in your closet or along the side of the closet to keep them out of sight and out of mind until need be. Cloth Bins

You have successfully organized your closet on a budget! Make sure to keep everything organized throughout the year by repeating all 8 steps.

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