How to Prepare your Home for Fall!!

1. Cozy Bedding
It’s time to take out those down comforters, cotton sheets, knits and shake the dust off. Give them a good wash and store them in a convenient closet, so when the icy nights come, you’ll have your blankets ready to go. There’s nothing worse than roaming around at midnight, half asleep looking for your warmest blanket.

2. Tend to the Fireplace + Chimney
Ah, the fireplace. The cornerstone of family hangouts during the chilly months. For my family, there was never a fall or winter month when we weren’t around the fire at least once a day. Now is the ideal time to schedule a chimney cleaning to avoid chimney fires. Give them the love they deserve, because they’ll be working around the clock come fall!

3. Stock Up on Firewood
Speaking of fireplaces now is a great time to start your firewood pile. When the winter months roll around you’ll be glad you did. Make a firewood rack outside and a carrier to transport the wood inside. Look at all that DIY-ing.

4. Check the Furnace + Boiler
Whether you have a furnace or a boiler, it’s good to make sure everything will run smoothly this fall when the temperatures drop. Get it inspected and make sure to change the filters on a furnace regularly throughout the fall and winter. This will help keep energy costs down and wallets happy.

By: Kayla Suazo HGTV

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