How to Protect Your Home In 2019?

There are many different ways to protect your home and feel safe. Here is a list of some top items everyone is using now in 2019!

1. Solar Motion activated light.
This item is solar charged so you don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries every few months. It also has a high illumination of up to 15 feet!! It is a great tool to feel a sense of security and see who is approaching your home.

Price: $16.99

2. Motion Activated Floodlights
This light is great for many reasons. One, you can point the floodlight to whichever area around the home you want to be able to see, and manually control it with a switch in or outside your home as well. It also turns itself on and off to help save energy. This light is a great resource for a larger area that needs to be covered since the reach is about 30-40 feet.
Price: $39.95+ Two different colors

3. Standalone Safe
This item is a great staple for any home. It is a secure, smaller safe that can be placed anywhere in your home to protect your important documents such as passports, social security cards and money you don’t want to leave around. The Safe is also an electronic lock, which can also be manually changed.
Price: $51.99+

4. Yi WIFI Surveillance System
These cameras record in HD to capture clear images and uses audio to communicate to scare off intruders. The camera also uses wireless communication technology, but still needs AC power to keep it working properly. It is a great security system to use when you need a little peace of mind and a lot less worry while you sleep through the night.
Price: $95.99

5. Frosted Window Film
This item is great to have if you live in a city or in an area where you are slightly closer to your neighbors’ homes, more than you would prefer. The best feature of this window film is it is removable. So, if you plan on moving to a newer home and want to put the windows back to their original state you can. This item still lets light in as well as preventing the fear of darkness happening once the film is applied.
Price: $10.99+

6. Doberman Security Window alarms
These Fantastic Alarms you place on your window immediately alert you if vibration around or on your window is occurring. They immediately sound a 100 – decibel sound alerting you there is an intruder and warning the intruder trying to break in or rob the home.

7. Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm
This security system is fantastic when you have a larger driveway or neighbors who may not be exactly right next door to you. It is a small, compact system that ranges 500ft. and has many other sensor and receiver options. It is weather-resistant and is run on AA batteries for up to a year.
Price: $99.99

8. Echo show
This Amazon product that is capable of voice call and video chat also can be used for a home monitor system. You can link this item to other cameras, lights, TV or your thermostat to make it easier to keep everything housed under one system.
Price: $129.99

9. Touchscreen Smart Deadbolt
This item you can also use with Alexa and is a great easy access replacement for the typical lock and key for your main front door. This item is a code set alarm code that is run on AA batteries. It also does come with a backup key just in case.

10. Ring wireless Monitor System
Includes a base station, sensor, motion detector, and motion alarm. This may seem a little overwhelming, but it is also so seamless and something you won’t know that is there but feel safe for having.
Price: $199

all pictures sourced from buzzfeed article :

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