TyAddressCityPriceBeds TotalBathsEst Fin Abv Grd SqFt
CO2936 MEADOWBROOK CourtOrion Twp$97,000 21882
RS35 WEST StreetOxford Vlg$110,000 21864
CO3104 BEECHTREE CourtOrion Twp$120,000 21882
RS3919 QUEENSBURY RoadOrion Twp$125,000 311,305
RS3590 GRAFTON StreetOrion Twp$145,000 31925
RS3046 MARGARET StreetAuburn Hills$146,500 31894
RS2209 PHILLIPS RoadAuburn Hills$150,000 311,092
RS117 N CONKLIN RoadOrion Twp$160,000 321,100
RS978 SEYMOUR LAKEOXFORD TWP$177,000 31.11,008
RS1010 FOREST LAKE BoulevardOrion Twp$180,000 221,200
RS2529 FLINTRIDGE StreetOrion Twp$182,000 31900
RS2521 GORLAD StreetOrion Twp$187,000 21864
CO114 Conda LaneOxford Vlg$187,900 21.11,100
RS3356 BALD MOUNTAIN RoadAuburn Hills$188,000 211,459
RS338 Atwater StreetLake Orion Vlg$195,000 321,346
RS2507 ARMADA DriveAuburn Hills$197,000 321,092
CO248 JOTHAMAUBURN HILLS$200,000 221,685
RS888 OLIVE StreetOxford Twp$201,000 31.11,043
RS938 HILBERG StreetOxford Twp$203,000 321,547
CO1976 HUNTERS Lane 61Orion Twp$210,000 21.11,059
RS421 GANNON CourtAuburn Hills$210,000 31.11,363
RS2154 SNELLBROOK RoadAuburn Hills$220,000 421,946
RS3661 JOSLYN RoadAuburn Hills$220,000 321,558
RS1132 S LONG LAKE BoulevardOrion Twp$222,000 321,125
RS754 AMBERWOOD StreetAuburn Hills$227,000 321,438
RS620 PROVINCETOWN RoadAuburn Hills$228,000 31.11,788
RS432 HAUXWELL DriveLake Orion Vlg$229,000 31.11,092
RS1145 BAYFIELD StreetOrion Twp$230,000 321,616
RS67 W BURDICK StreetOxford Vlg$235,000 31.11,600
RS1168 KEBLE LaneOxford Twp$240,000 321,441
RS1141 ELKHORN LAKE RoadOrion Twp$242,500 32.11,990
RS237 BUCKHORN DriveOrion Twp$257,500 31.11,200
RS413 THORNEHILL TRAILOxford Vlg$259,000 321,825
RS736 WOODLEIGH WayOxford Vlg$265,000 33.12,020
CO3325 N Squirrel Court N 7Auburn Hills$275,357 22.11,334
RS560 THORNEHILL TRAILOxford Vlg$284,500 32.11,700
RS815 ESTHER DriveOrion Twp$285,600 321,844
CO3895 ARBOR DriveAuburn Hills$290,000 221,441
RS3045 INDIANWOOD RoadOrion Twp$300,000 321,080
RS883 TOWNSEND DriveOxford Twp$315,000 32.11,737
RS2695 CEDAR KEY DriveOrion Twp$315,000 42.11,841
CO3665 LEXINGTON Drive 34Auburn Hills$317,000 22.11,530
RS310 JOTHAM AvenueAuburn Hills$322,000 32.11,800
RS2622 CANOE CIRCLE DriveOrion Twp$335,000 43.12,224
RS211 CEDAR BEND DriveOrion Twp$339,000 42.12,335
RS255 BEVERLY AvenueAuburn Hills$344,000 32.11,900
RS350 FRANKLIN LAKE CircleOxford Twp$350,000 42.12,504
RS85 Crosbie CourtOrion Twp$350,000 322,005
RS893 TOWNSEND DriveOxford Twp$354,900 42.12,125
RS335 Whispering WindsOxford Vlg$355,000 42.12,555
CO3075 BridgewaterAuburn Hills$358,145 221,350
CO3021 BrentwoodAuburn Hills$358,805 221,350
CO3651 Lexington DriveAuburn Hills$360,000 331,441
RS1059 INCA TrailOxford Twp$365,000 32.11,995
RS120 DAYTON StreetOxford Twp$377,900 42.12,700
RS2827 WALMSLEY CIRCLE DriveOrion Twp$381,500 32.12,037
CO4883 BROOMFIELD WAY 93ORION TWP$383,940 32.12,058
RS3439 BALD MOUNTAIN RoadOrion Twp$384,000 321,736
RS3724 HIGH GROVE WayOrion Twp$405,000 42.12,680
RS1137 LARK StreetOrion Twp$405,000 332,334
RS1250 MIAMI PathOrion Twp$410,000 322,154
RS275 INDIANWOOD RoadOrion Twp$415,000 231,424
RS773 BROOKS LaneOxford Twp$424,900 543,308
RS2113 GUNNISON StreetOrion TWP$428,000 42.12,931
RS1123 COURTNEY CourtOxford Twp$440,000 33.12,152
RS4873 W STONEGATE CircleOrion Twp$477,000 43.23,086
RS1101 DEER PATH TRAILOxford Twp$560,000 43.13,351
RS414 N SHORE DriveOrion Twp$630,000 33.12,650
RS564 SHREWSBURY DriveOrion Twp$1,100,000 56.15,137