Moving Checklist

2 Months Before

1. Sort through every room and decide what you would like to keep and donate. Also, make a list of any items that are fragile or need proper packing.

2. Research possible moving companies. Get Estimates and information needed for moving your home.

3. If you have children and they are moving school districts, make sure their records are logged and moved to the correct place prior to the actual start date.

6 weeks before

1. Order your boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and permanent markers. Also, make sure you have a label system in place to make unpacking much easier.

2. Make sure to start measuring your furniture etc to make sure they fit through doorways and also inside newer rooms.

1 Month Before

1. Choose your mover and confirm the date and times of move out day.

2. Begin Packing things that are not necessities and day to day objects. Storage items, off-season clothing, toys and items you can box up and then unbox later

3. Label each box by room or items inside.

4. Do a Change of Address at you your local post office

5. Let banks, billing and work parties know your new address

6. Let doctors that you are continuing to keep also know of an address change for their records.

2 Weeks Before

1. Contact Moving Company to verify the day and time of arrival DAY OF!

2. Take necessary time off of work, as well as arranging childcare for younger kids.

1 Week Before

1. Pack your suitcases to get ready to move

Day Of!

1. Keep all lists handy and also copied to make sure nothing gets left or is missing after the doors are locked at the old house.

2. Plan to pay your movers however you discussed.

3. Make Sure that the company you hired as verification that they are indeed moving you.

4. most importantly just take a deep breathe because the hard part is over.

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