Negotiating in a Sellers Market!

Negotiating in a Sellers Market!

The main thing to remember is to trust me your Real Estate Agent! I understand how the market moves month to month, especially if you are only on the buyer’s side, it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening on the seller’s side throughout the home buying process. follow along as I share what is needed when Negotiating in a Sellers Market!

What you should know while preparing an offer on your dream home!

1. Price: Do Not Offer less than list price! You might need to offer more than the list price at times, because of multiple offers that might be coming in.

2. Delay Buyer Possession: Allow a few extra days for the sellers to move out of their home. this will appeal to the sellers when they are deciding on which offer to accept!

3. Earnest Money Deposit: Earnest money is just money you put down. Typically it’s 1-5% of the purchase price and is required. A higher earnest money deposit

4. Submit pre-approval and proof of funds documentation: Get a local preapproval instead. Match your preapproval letter to your sales price and date it the same day as your offer.

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As your Agent, I will always make sure that you are on track to get your dream home! The process of home buying can be confusing, but with my by your side, I will make sure that every question is answered.
I know what the seller is looking for from the start, and you’ll increase your chances of hitting the mark with your offer by having me on your side.

Don’t be afraid of Negotiating in a Sellers Market! Call me TODAY! To get started!

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