Real Estate Do’s and Don’ts!

From my personal experience, one of the most important parts of selling your home is the staging process. I put together an easy list for you to refer to with my ‘Real Estate Do’s and Don’ts’ when you’re preparing to stage your home!

Prepare your home for showings!
– De-clutter your home
– Wash your windows (Inside and out!)
– Leave before showings!
– Play soft music- it sets a positive mood
– Repair – If it is broken, fix it!
– Clean! Clean! Clean! No dust, cobwebs, stains, etc.
– Check light bulbs (Make sure they all work and all match)

– Don’t use scented plug-ins (They are too strong and will imply that you’re using one to cover up a smell.)
– Don’t display anything religious or political
– Don’t leave cars in the driveway
– Don’t decorate heavily – less is better.
– Don’t wait to sell! (Some sellers will want to wait until spring to sell, but there will be more homes on the market in the spring than at any other time of the year! There will be more competition and a larger home inventory!)
– Don’t do it alone!!! Hire a professional. You will do better and be happier!

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