The 10 Best Factors for Buying Your Perfect Home!

Usually, when you are searching for your perfect home or real estate listing you are looking for your prolonged future. Somewhere you can stay and put down roots. You can be specific and picky when searching and these 10 short tips and facts will ensure it’s a smooth and confident process.

1. The Features You’ve Always Wanted:

Everyone’s wish list is different. Some may want a home facing a beautiful lakefront and others may prefer the busy cityscape as their back yard. When finding your dream home, its best to create a wish list. If you are moving into a future dream home with more than one person, have everyone make a short list of what they would dream of having in the home. You may not check off every box, but you will, however, create out of your list of wish’s needs and necessities. Helping you with that overwhelming feeling when walking through home after home trying to find the exact perfect one.

2. The Neighborhood and Surrounding Area:

Usually, when looking for a home, you are also looking for a community or neighborhood that you feel safe and comfortable in. Make sure where you are searching for a dream home you are confident the area suits your wants and needs. It is best to research the area you are searching for a home and get as much information as possible or questions you might have to provide to your realtor when you want to ask about the surrounding neighborhood and area. Your realtor will find a location that you have described. If you have pet peeves such as noisy neighborhoods, close to a school, near a mall or your local coffee shop, its best to note these and discuss them with your realtor as well.

3. Location and Lot Size:

This might be the last thing on your mind when searching for a dream home. However, it is something that is very important to take into consideration. Most of the time when purchasing a home, there is no chance that the lot size can be changed or fixed to your liking. You should consider whether the home has a big enough lot for young children to play, or the perfect size to entertain in an outdoor setting. You may have found your dream home with a not so perfect lot and its okay to discuss this with your realtor so they can find a home closer to what you need. You will be able to find a home with similar qualities that may have a better lot location and size that you would prefer instead! Remember this is your dream home, so it’s okay not to settle.

4. The Age of a Property:

Age of a home does make a difference. You must carefully consider when you buy an older home if the charm and lived in real estate is something you can see yourself caring for. Since older homes tend to need more work and upkeep than a newer home. You also have to consider taking extra time to create something from scratch when purchasing a new build or a brand-new home, that you may want to alter and remodel to your liking. Think of what your ideal first day walking into the home would be like. Do you need to fix something that is 10 years old to the home? Or Do you want to customize a home exactly to your liking and take that extra time to do so?

5. Your Perfect Style:

When thinking of what you want your home to ideally look like, you must consider a few options. Do you want to walk into a home that is identically aesthetically pleasing throughout your entire floor plan? Do you want to have uniqueness throughout the home? If you are looking for more freedom to customize and design, a single home gives you that capability. Condos and apartments make it a little less easy to customize exactly to your liking, however, you do have some freedom before you decide to move or leave the association. It’s always best to know policies before going crazy on your future new home and Pinterest boards. It is best to make note of what you want and dream of while searching for a home, making your looking process smooth and less stressful.

6. Perfect Amount of Space:

Before you start looking for a home make sure you already have in mind the number of rooms and bathrooms you are looking for. If you have a larger family and need space for everyone its best to note that when going into listings. You should also consider your entertaining space. Do you want to have a larger backyard or kitchen? These are all things to add to your list of needs when picking your ideal dream home.

7. Dream Layout:

When purchasing a new home don’t think to into the square footage. You want a layout and floorplan that adjusts and fits your needs. You can have a perfectly square footage home ideally, but is the kitchen the perfect size vs the basement? It’s best to know ideal dimensions of certain rooms that fit your liking, however, because it may require a little more money and work from contractors and designers to redesign a floorplan after you have already closed and moved into a home. List the areas of your home you want to spend the most time and focus on the layout of your home around that room. This will not only give you a much better idea of the home you dream of but also satisfy you later on throughout the lifespan of living in your home.

8. Future Projects:

Even though you might not have the opportunity to build your dream home from scratch, it’s a good idea to know that in the future you can customize, update and change anything you’d like. When you are about to close on your house make sure you do a walkthrough of potential projects, either in the future or soon in the present. Things such as repairing, gutting or remodeling the master closet, etc. This gives you some insight into the potential costs of the projects but also areas that you like now but will love later after you have completed the future projects.

9. Comfortability with Finance:

Yes! Costs are a huge part of finding your dream home, but it doesn’t have to be that scary of a thought. You want to make sure your dream home won’t be a burden later in life. Are the costs of upkeep in your budget? What are the taxes, utility bills, and cost of living in this dream home monthly and yearly? Once you have made an offer on a listing or property, you can always ask your listing agent to contact the seller to receive some breakdowns of those payments if needed. Most importantly make sure you have a strong cushion and your realtor is aware of this when helping you look for your dream home!

10. Compromises:

Even though the idea of having a dream home with no flaws or slight issues seems amazing, the reality is that every home will not cross off every box on your dream home and be perfect. You may have to compromise with some things. For example, the house itself is an amazing layout, lot and ideal place to spend the rest of your life in. However, the lawn is larger than you suspected, and this requires more maintenance. This is something that may have to be compromised on before putting an offer on a home. When looking at homes, its best to let your realtor know what you are willing and not willing to compromise on.

A dream home is possible to achieve for everyone. Make sure you are really focused on your wants and needs and don’t be afraid to be picky when looking for them! Your realtor is there to help you throughout the process and so is ay research and data out there. Make sure to compile everything you may need or want before looking for a home! Your Dream Home Awaits!

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