Tips of Improving Your Curb Appeal!

Here are some helpful tips for improving your home’s curb appeal! The front of your house is the FIRST thing a potential buyer sees when browsing for a new home, so make sure you highlight all of its best features!

1. Plant some beautiful plants or flowers🌷
– Adding some color and tidying up your landscaping can help your home’s curb appeal tremendously!
2. Pressure wash the driveway/sidewalks
3. Repaint your house/front door 🚪
– Nothing looks sharper than a fresh coat of paint! Painting your front door is a fun and easy way to personalize the look of your home!
4. Stage your front porch!
– You don’t need anything fancy or flashy – a simply set of chairs will do the trick! Give buyers something to envision when they pull up to your house!
5. Clean out the gutters
– You don’t want old leaves and weather debris to drive away buyers! A quick cleaning will tidy up the front of your home

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