Tuesday Chat Ep. 30 The Flavor Lab

Have you heard about The Flavor Lab in Rochester, MI?

Welcome back to Caron’s Corner for a Fireside Chat! This week we are joined by Lisa Bidinger from The Flavor Lab!

Lisa tells us about the amazing catering company that she owns with her husband! She shares the fun and exciting classes they teach, the events they put on, and the themed courses you can take, even the ability to get licensed in their kitchen! Lisa is extremely passionate about culinary arts and expresses the desire to help people learn how to make things that they can take home and make in their own homes!

Thank you again, Lisa, for stopping by for a chat! I loved hearing about your amazing business!
Click here for the full interview!

To learn more about The Flavor Lab, visit: Flavorlabmi.com/
IG: Instagram.com/flavorlabmi/

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