Tuesday Chat Ep. 31 Plan A Home Watch

Another Tuesday, Another Fireside Chat!

This week, we have a VERY important guest: Lauren Koteles from Plan A Home Watch Home Services! Lauren is the Executive Director of Plan A and is a Certified Home Watcher, as well as a Realtor in Rochester, MI!

Lauren shares what a home-watching service can do for your peace of mind and feeling of security! If you’re out of town, hosting an Airbnb, or away from your vacation home, they stop by to ensure everything in your home is in place and safe! For example, Lauren might make sure the temperature in your home is correct, turn your water on/off, water your plants, cover your outdoor furniture, close the blinds, check for damage or signs of pests, take in your mail, or whatever need you might have!

Click here for the full interview!

To get a consultation, quote, or answers to any questions that you have before you begin, you can reach Plan A at:

* Plan A is insured, bonded, and accredited through the National Home Watch Association *

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