Tuesday Chat Ep. 35 OPC Social & Activity Center

Welcome back to Caron’s Corner Tuesday Chat!

This week, we were joined by the amazing Renee Cortright, who is the Executive Director at the OPC Social & Activity Center!

Renee and I took a few minutes to discuss all of the wonderful activities that the OPC offers, such as the billiard room, the therapy swimming pool, computer classes, athletic classes, exercise rooms, performing arts, and music classes, and that’s just the beginning! The fun opportunities are ENDLESS!

The OPC also has supportive services, like grief counseling, their Meals on Wheels program, transportation services to medical appointments, and information referral services! They emphasize the importance of mental stimulation and socialization!

This center is “the best place to be 50+”! Or as Renee says, “It’s like a cruise ship, there’s something on each deck happening on each day!”

Click here to listen to the full interview!

Website: Opccenter.org
Thank you, Renee, for stopping by for a chat! You were so lovely!

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