Which Heating Element Do You Prefer In Your Home?

Choosing your home’s most cost effective heating system will depend on your personal preferences.

Two common choices are a Forced Air Heating and Radiant Heating— but do you know the differences of each one?

While a forced-air heating system keeps indoor spaces warm by blowing heated air around, radiant heating works in a different way. The warmth radiates from a heat source – an old-fashioned radiator, a baseboard heating unit, or a radiant floor.

Electric baseboard heaters are relatively cheap and easy to install. These units can cost a few hundred dollars and eliminate the need for expensive duct networks throughout the home, making them much more affordable than furnaces or heat pumps in terms of upfront costs. When it comes to operating costs, however, baseboard heating represents one of the most expensive home heating option.

Whereas forced-air heating ducts should be serviced regularly, there’s little ongoing maintenance to do with baseboard heat.
Last but not least is a matter of preference: Many homeowners like how baseboard heat comes out evenly, not in intermittent blasts. You can adjust the temperatures in each room.

Also, it is hard to eliminate all the allergens circulating in your home, and forced air heating systems can kick up and circulate those allergens throughout your home. Because of this forced air is frequently listed as an allergy offender, and for those with strong allergies, it isn’t always the best choice.

Forced air heating system– often shares vents and ducts with a central air conditioner. Temperatures are controlled by one or more thermostats inside the home. When the home’s temperature drops below the predetermined temperature on the thermostat, the furnace (or A/C) kicks into action. One of the biggest reasons why forced air heating systems is popular, is their convenience and because they heat the home quick.

I believe it’s a personal preference which heating element works for you and your home.
As in everything, there are positive and negative to each option.
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