6 Crucial Must-Do’s with your Garage when Selling

Some buyers can’t live without an ensuite and others need a garage. There seems to be a general collection of factors that having a garage was highly important to a lot of house hunters.

Your garage can be one of two things: a place to park vehicles and clutter, or it can be a useable space that provides value to new homeowners. When you’re competing in a competitive real estate market, you want to show off space for every kind of buyer.

Here are 6 crucial steps needed to ensure your garage is a selling feature…

The more floor space you can free up- the better; you will be able to see the space for other uses.

Bulky objects and seasonal items can be hung from the ceiling, through wall mounted U-rails may be sufficient. Those who dream of having a garage where guests can be entertained may prefer to invest in industrial storage cabinets, which combine performance with practicality.

Closed storage: Make sure to include at least one closed-door, lockable unit. You can go online at any home goods store and see what products would work best in your space. It’s essential for keeping poisons like antifreeze, plant food or pest control products, and sharp tools behind lock and key.

Open shelving: Shelves keep frequently used items readily available and in plain sight. Vented metal styles, wood slats, (or, for light duty, vented plastic) minimize the volume of dust that can collect.

Hooks, clamps, and holders: These allow you to make use of vertical space, getting big items like bikes, trikes, oars and paddles, rakes, hoes and brooms off the ground and out of your way.

Add a fresh coat of paint. Treat your garage walls to a new paint job to make the space look larger and more inviting. Also. consider painting/sealing the floor with a two-part epoxy coating.

Remember, the garage is an extension of your home and you should always present it in the best possible way: clean, organized, and roomy.

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