Is it really necessary to get a private inspection on a new construction?

When building a new home, I often get asked the question if the buyers should get a private inspection.

Builders should welcome the opportunity to have their homes inspected by private home inspectors, it’s a chance for construction errors to be addressed before they become major problems. It doesn’t matter how thorough the municipal inspector is; mistakes are still missed.

This is not meant as a knock against builders, municipal inspectors, or any tradespeople. This is simply meant to let new home buyers know that “new” does not mean “perfect”.

Common Issues Found in a New Construction

Though it would seem that new homes should be relatively error-free, according to many inspectors, they often have underlying issues at work.
According to National Property Inspections, some common issues found during new construction home inspections include:

-Structural defects, like foundation cracks, improper grading, and poor framing
-Drainage and grading issues, which could cause water and structural damage later on
-Window leaks
-HVAC issues, including malfunctioning thermostats and loose connections
-Electrical problems, such as improperly wired outlets, open grounds and missing switch plates
-Plumbing issues, including reversed hot/cold in faucets, improper piping, leaks, and more

Inspectors say they also often find incomplete projects. This could include insufficient insulation, half-installed handrails or fixtures, or missing pieces of hardware.

New construction home inspections allow you to be proactive about your home purchase. On a resale property, you can only inspect the home after the fact—meaning all you can do is repair an issue or cover it up. With a well-timed inspection in your construction process, your builder can actually get to the root of the problem and remedy it entirely before the build goes further.

Remember, Just because a new home may look flawless to the naked eye doesn’t mean it’s perfect below the surface. Calling in a qualified home inspector can ensure you’re making the best decision for your family and your finances.

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