Moving With Kids

For families with growing kids, a starter home can soon begin to feel a little tight. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we all understand that moving in itself is stressful both physically and emotionally. Be sure to include your children in the process so they know it is an exciting time for the whole family. Kids are resilient, and they can also be incredibly adaptable.

By preparing for the move in advance, keeping lines of communication open, and maintaining a positive attitude, parents can help their kids cope with the challenges of relocation and chances are they will be excited about this new adventure.

As for young kids, they might have a good understanding of what “moving” really means and may become insecure about leaving a home they have always known. Don’t forget to reassure them that even when homes and friends have to change, that you will always be there for them.

If they’re old enough, let your children help you pack some of their personal belongings. Even at a young age, kids can sort their toys and help you wrap objects in tissue paper or bubble wrap. If you’ll be putting some things into storage, ask them what they would like to keep and what they don’t mind parting with for a while.

Give your kids an opportunity to say goodbye to the people who matter to them most. Children love a party, this can be a great way to turn your move into an exciting experience.

If you’re preparing for a long-distance move, chances are good that you’ll be leaving family and close friends behind. Help your kids make a memory book with a collage of their favorite pictures with their favorite people. When you get to your new home, they can find a special place where they can see their loved ones every day.

Listen to your child’s concerns on the move and discuss them.Even toddlers can verbalize at least some of what they’re feeling, and older children will probably have lots of questions and concerns.

The day will come when you find yourself digging through boxes looking for the toy that they absolutely have to play with right now. Do yourself a favor; don’t just label boxes with the word “toys.” Include as much detail about what is in the box as you can.

Once you’re in your new home, some things will have to change. But try to maintain the aspects of your life that are most important to your kids. Stick to familiar bedtime routines and continue your tradition of Saturday morning pancakes if you can.When young kids lose the security of a home they’ve always known, they can become insecure about losing other important things in their life, too. Don’t forget to reassure them that, even when homes and friends have to change, you will always be there for them.

A new home means new friends and new opportunities. Get out and explore all the cool new attractions that you can visit if you’re in a new city, or take advantage of all the neat things your new home has to offer that your old home didn’t.

Take your time unpacking, but also make it a priority to hang or display some of your cherished and familiar personal items as soon as possible. Familiar things will help to make a new house feel like home for both you and your children.

Once you’ve unpacked, you’ve got to keep the moving boxes for your kids. My kids made awesome tunnels and forts, and this will keep them entertained for hours.

I know how hard and how rewarding it is to be a parent. If you’re moving with your kids, I’m the real estate agent that knows how to make it easier for your kids!

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