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With the kids going back to school,cooler nights,and the changing of the leaves—the season still can be an attractive time to put your home on the market. Potential buyers, such as empty nesters or millennials who aren’t worried about moving after the school year has started—will compete for fewer homes on the market and will likely want to seal a deal before the holiday season kicks into high gear.

Millennials, Baby Boomers & Motivated Buyers
There are many differences between a millennial buyer and a baby boomer buyer. Millennials lives are changing rapidly, and they need their homes to match those changes, while baby boomers might be considering downsizing. Baby boomers are more likely to consider a wider range of homes like a first-floor master, ranch or condo. Also, You may not have as many non-serious buyers coming through your home. This eases the stress of showing the house week after week to only those that are serious will really only look at your home if they have a pretty good intention of buying.

We Know People!
Not only is it what we know, but also WHO we know. Being one of the Top Realtors and knowing the communities well, we have professional contacts across the board and can recommend the right vendors at the right price for any work you will need with: Landscapers, Contractors, Movers, etc.
 With a competitive price based on the market, you will appeal to the buyers that need housing. They are looking for the fresh listing, from someone who wants to sell. 

In conclusion, fall is my one of my favorite times to work with buyers and sellers. The goal is easily achieved with the right information and guidance and we can help with that. That’s what we DO!

Caron Koteles Riha is a licensed Real Estate Broker with Real Estate One.
Email, Text or Call Caron at (248)379-6651 or Caron@CaronKoteles.com

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